Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love-rs

My blog is a place to overdose on us Mowrer's, plus you'll find amusing items of interest.
Always munching on: tomatoes with basil, cheese and bread
I am black rachel pally pants with an american apparel deep V t-shirt - punched out with cool shoes/accessories and an exquisite pony tail - this is my uniform.
In my closet: matthew williamson (i am obsessed with the galaxy dress he did for H&M) but I buy a lot of marc jacobs and loeffler randall on ebay
What kind of chocolate DOESN'T make my mouth water
Matt, my hubby, is the love of my life
My home is blessed with the grace table in hot pink for my daughter's room, by jennifer delonge
NOT Entranced by: rain and a husband w/stomach bug in San Destin, Florida.
Love to read: McNicki Goodness

In true Jen form [read: witty & fun], she submitted her own facts for me to share with you:

  1. Favorite beauty product: kiehl's lip balm - it is always on my person
  2. Most prized fashion item: my balenciaga motorcycle bag, i call it my precious
  3. Person you find most stylish: currently, i find gwenyth paltrow's style most aestheically pleasing, if she's out to get her mail or at an event she's got it going on
  4. Style you most dislike: harem pants, i just don't get it
  5. Moment of internet fame: design*sponge featured a before and after our ours, i was on a high for weeks