Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love-rs

Because I enjoy reading blogs more than I enjoy writing them (I read over 1,500 blogs!) and because I love supporting other women that are doing something cool, I am going to start featuring interviews with my favorite bloggers. I will ask them questions related to good eats, travel, love, style and home decor... as that is what I'm interested in... I may also give them free reign to offer additional tidbits of information, so we can all get to know them a bit better.

However, I can't very well ask this of others unless I put myself out-there first!

My blog is: fun, stylish, exciting, informative, lovely, supportive of women & yummy!
Always munching on: anything chocolate
I am: chic, comfortable & fabulous
In my closet: Karen Zambos
Chocolate Gourmet :makes my mouth water
Prince Charming :is the love of my life
My home is blessed with: a gold baroque picture frame
Entranced by: the sea, beach, relaxation, delicious foods of St. Kitts


daddylikeyblog said...

You're so gorgeous!

Michele said...

That's such a sweet thing to say! Thanks! ;)