Phew, no more Pee-Eww!

Remember Stinky McGee? Well... he stinky no more! (or at least he is much less noticeable!)

Thank goodness for Dutch Boy's odor eliminating paint! Rocco & I have redone the guest room to make a great office space for me, while maintaining a space for his litter box. I was concerned about the smell that was destined to keep me from working... but the situation has been resolved! Behold, the reworkings of Dutch Boy... Rocco & I can again share this small space!
(photo taken with iPhone)

I chose a gorgeous cobblestone color to cover the other two walls (two walls were already a delicious plum color) and am quite pleased with the results! Most importantly though, my nose is pleased! Phew, no more Pee-Eww!

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