What's Old is New Again

Do you find yourself staring and drooling at those home decor photos that perfectly mesh the old and the new? Me too. There are several stores in Chicago that can assist you in morphing your home into one just like those in the gorgeous, enviable photos - Urban Remains Chicago.

You can turn your home into a work of art, a mix of old and new like this' by incorporating just a few items from Urban Remains Chicago.

Urban Remains Chicago reclaims and recycles American antique artifacts. These are the people that show up at a building prior to its demolition in order to save any useful items; such as....

Gorgeous lighting to be used in hallway or bathroom

Very cool bin for toy storage or perhaps as a laundry basket

Chic nightstand or side-table

Art deco desk chair

Sleek desk lamp

Unique bar for entertaining

Filament bulbs! I just love those, anywhere, anytime!

Besides all of that decorating yadda-yadda, I think someone like my Dad would really enjoy stopping in at Urban Remains Chicago to marvel at the old-time items. The shop seems very museum like; where you can dream-up what the piece was previously used for and imagine the piece in its former useful life.


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