Rock a Buh-bye Winter!

With Spring on the brain and a little dew in the air, I am dying to get the balcony organized and set-up for warmer weather! I've purchased my flower seeds, rejuvenated the planting soil, and oiled the table and chairs... but am wanting something else. Something new. I'm wanting to channel my old soul and get a couple of these:

This rocking chair can be purchased at Ikea for considerably less than any other rocking chair I've seen to-date. I am going to try to convince Prince Charming that with two of these we will be so much happier than with our current set-up. PC, imagine the soothing rocking back and forth, the arm rests, the leaning back and relaxing rather than being hunched-over a magazine that is laying on the table.... and the ability to move the chair to wherever you want it! I'm sold. Is he?

Dear readers, help me sell Prince Charming on this glorious idea!

Many thanks,


Prince Charming said...

I like this in concept, but the metal grating that is our balcony floor might get in the way of the "soothing rocking back and forth".

Michele said...

Oh, but the contrary my dear... insert these:

Wood slats to place all over balcony. These will also help with the burning of the soles of feet! (and little meow paws)