Gem - Still a Favorite!

Gem Boutique, already introduced as my favorite, has finally posted their newest brilliant idea on their website! I saw these fun necklaces at the shop when I was there a few months ago, and now I have photos to share the concept with you!

More than just the typical personalized necklace, these are vintage letters made of bronze! You can choose letters or numbers that are of special significance to you; or spell out a word or name that means something wonderful to who you are! I think what I love most is the various shapes of letters. I like the idea that you'll pair a very large letter with smaller ones, or 'build' a necklace composed of several different shaped letters! Tres chic!

Check it out, and wonderful other little things in the shop located at 1710 North Damen in Chicago's lovely Bucktown!


Michele said...

Psst! Although Gem does not publicize this on their website, they do sell vintage engagement rings! (or, right hand rings if you will...) THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

There is one I have had my eye on for some time now... but I don't think I'll ever own it.... maybe I should buy it for myself?

tif said...

...or hope prince charming reads this by accident somehow.

Michele said...

ah. dreams. ;)