Lately, I have been obsessed with both J.Crew and Anthropologie. In my eyes, neither of these teams of incredible stylists/designers could do wrong. I drool over each magazine when it arrives, imagining myself in those fun outfits and situations. If I get any more crazy over either of these mags, Prince Charming will have to pry the 'zines out of my cold dead hands!

This has gotten me wondering... am I alone? I certainly think I am not! But, is anyone else dreaming of wearing certain J.Crew or Anthropologie pieces?

You can shop the Anthropologie catalog here and the J.Crew new Spring Looks here. I'll take one of everything please.....


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tif said...

SAME HERE! (though, I do have to admit, sometimes you fall in love with something in the catalog and then get to the store and become very disappointed with the quality).

we play, "if you could pick one this from this page what would you buy" and it's so fun. dorky, but fun. the antropologie mags always make me want to live in some castle in versaille and the j crew ones always make me want to jet set around the mediterranean.