Activities in Chicago on Monday Night!

I received the following email today.... and I highly suggest you attend this show at Second City. Paul is one funny guy!

From: Paul Jurewicz
Date: Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 2:54 PM
Subject: Come see Paul graduate...

...from Second City Conservatory. (Paul will never finish college).

Hello friend,

I am urging you to please come see my graduation show this Monday at 8:00 pm in Second City's E.T.C theater (second floor of Piper's Alley). It only costs 5 bucks and if you haven't seen me be a jackass on stage before than this is a great opportunity. I am honestly really proud of this sketch show. It's called "We're Screwed" and we've been working on it for the past two months. If you are coming, please get there to buy tickets at 7:45 at the latest. It may sell out. There is booze. If you can't make it this Monday (big mistake), don't freak out. Put your pants back on and plan on seeing it one of the following Mondays. We have already been doing the show for a couple of weeks and it's damn good. So bring your friends, bring a date, bring a homeless man. Feel free to forward this to any other interested parties who would like to support "the arts".

God bless this mess!

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