Recap on Vegas

As my loyal readers know, I recently traveled to Vegas - hence the break in posting! [Thanks for being patient, everyone!] Exciting events of the trip included staying at TheHotel, eating delicious meals including Nobu & Delmonico, spa-ing & gambling of course and an amazing show called LOVE.

Knowing how picky I am when choosing hotels, you know if I say it's great - it really is! I will never stay anywhere else when I visit Vegas.... unless the Encore reduces it's pricing.

The best sushi I've had in my life [aside from several trips to Hawai'i].
After being notified the restaurant receives their shipments daily from Japan, we ordered the Yellow Tail appetizer consisting of the fish and a dab of cream cheese that held a mini-jalapeno slice in place.

One of Emeril's famed restaurants, Delmonico did not disappoint! I typically go for the lamb, if it's on the menu and I did this visit as well. Next time, I'll go for the Ribeye... Prince Charming's piece was more scrumptious than ever imagined! By the way, the rolls brought to you upon arriving are drool-worthy and you'll want more! [do not worry, more will be delivered...]

The Bathhouse at TheHotel blew me away. On every vacation, I typically partake in some spa-ing. This was one of the best experiences I've had to-date. Do not miss this extravagant, yet simple pleasure.

Gamble Gamble!

Gambling is not why I go to Vegas, but I do enjoy playing a few games. This section of my description is reserved simply to inform you of the Encore's gorgeous casino. If you are down on your luck and are no longer gambling on your trip, at least go see this casino floor. The red chandeliers, the butterfly carpet, the color scheme. Beautiful! The butterfly motif is mimicked on the tile floors through mosaics as well...

The best show I've seen [although Wicked was very, very entertaining and I wish I could see that again]... my face hurt during LOVE because I could not stop smiling! LOVE is a Cirque du Soleil show performed solely to music by The Beatles. The choreography, costumes and set design were colorful in sight and inspiration. Every member of the house was singing-along, many without realizing it. You can't help but have a great time at this show!

Each of these elements in the trip to Vegas are highly recommended; please email me if you require additional details!

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