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As a girl that adores fashion, loves helping others and always sees the 'oh that would be great with this' way of life.... I'm destined to assist as or become a style provider. Have a question about finding the perfect accessory? Bought a new skirt and can't decide which shirt to wear with it? Found an amazing pair of shoes and want to know what kind of outfit would add just the right pizazz to accent the shoes? Shoot me an email at and I'll help provide some help with your personal style!

Recently I received the following inquiry from a friend and reader:
" fashion guru, i have a serious dilemma and I'm hoping you can help! Picture this: Antique white wedding gown made of lace and beading- halter top and trumpet style. Very fitted and old fashioned looking but very elegant. Now, here's where the problem lies- what veil/hairstyle?? I'm thinking cathedral length, but not sure. Do I do pulled back or half up with curls like back in the day? Ahhh! You re the only one I think can help- any input is much appreciated!"
Exciting and congratulations on your impending wedding! Your dress sounds very nice! [Read: She sent a follow-up email with a photo of the dress and it is indeed very very lovely!] I'd love to assist! Of course a cathedral length veil would be so princess-like and memorable, but since you have that idea covered.... Here's what I see as a alternative great headpiece to complement your gorgeous gown:

Lately, I've been a big fan of the birdcage veil
and I think that would look very dramatic with this gown.
This way, you could still wear your hair anyway you wish!

Flowers & feathers would be a nice
modern take on a headpiece, just enough frill
and beauty.

(another great feather & flower option)

Blusher veils are always a nice delicate alternative as well,
reminds me of Jackie O. for some reason,
and I don't even know if she wore one!

You could always go for a custom order option,
like the lucky bride who will be wearing this
on her big day.

I'm hopeful these are helpful suggestions.... and as for the hair, I always prefer half-up and half-down. This is just a timeless classic, and showcases your great locks!

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Stephanie Lyn said...

I've been stalking these etsy sellers for months - trying to make up my mind!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for SW & notes about comments. I'll have to fix the bug.