St. Kitts items for sale

As you may or may not know, I at one time was starting a web-based boutique specializing in goods found around the world... for one reason or another the site never came to 100% fruition, but I did acquire several items to sell!

I am wondering if any of you would be interested in these items, at cost + shipping... I'll try to get photos taken of these dresses, jewelry and children's items ASAP and post them here! If you are interested in purchasing, you can then email me at and we'll set up delivery and payment.

Hope this works as I don't need to own 3 of the same thing, of course!

The first item posted will be an adorable dress hand-stitched by a St. Kitts woman, whom I met!

I believe this is equivalent to a 2T in USA sizes, and cost $25.

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