Huge sale on Mrs. Meyer's Organic Cleaning Supplies

Currently, the only cleaning supplies in my home are Mrs. Meyer's. These products smell great, are good for the environment, contain 0 toxins (you know I'm all about the detox) and do a great job cleaning up Prince Charming's mess!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning supplies make cleaning your home fresh, fun, and fragrant. All of our cleaning supplies are made with natural essential oils, are biodegradable and phosphate-free, and we never test on animals. Whether you use our All Purpose Cleaner (good for just about everything) our Dish Soap (cuts grease like nobody’s business), or any of our other cleaning supplies, you’ll find our products are good for your house, your nose, and the environment.

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tif said...

we're huge users of mrs. meyers cleaning products for at least the last two or three years. i really love the lavender & verbena scents, but have become a recent fan of the newer basil scent. however, i must complain (and already did to the company) about their recent switch to wax-paper based dryer sheets. they smell good, but at $8 a pop they don't do the job they used to do. however, they're better for the environment so i'm contemplating the environment over quality, too.