Have you had your Flaxseed Oil?

With this detox, I have been advised to take Flaxseed Oil each day. What the heck is Flaxseed Oil? Well, first I found out (on a recent trip to Target) that you can purchase Flaxseed Oil in a pill form. Also, that it is rich in Omega 3, whatever that means. Everything else I learned about Flaxseed Oil, I found on the Mayo Clinic website; but, those results left me with a worried feeling.

So, the question remains... to take or not to take these Flaxseed Oil pills?

There are many websites that list several benefits to taking the pills.... whatdya think? Anyone out there tried 'em?


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tif said...

i always have 2 tablespoons of organic flaxseed meal in my smoothie in the morning--advised by a nutritionist i was seeing for my lactose intolerance back in 2003.

never taken the pills, but flax is so so so good for you and your heart!