Detox-y to Foxy?

A few years ago and as recently as today, I contemplated participating in a detox program. These programs are used to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and impurities that cause fatigue, sickness and other not so good things. Detoxing is a great way to lose some unwanted weight while adding other benefits to your body.

I know what you're thinking, "Detox, what the heck is that? It sounds like a gimmick to me!" No Dad, it's not. Here are some signs your body is overly toxified and your body is having a hard time breaking down the toxins it fights everyday:

Bad Breath
Bloating or Constipation or Diarrhea
Canker Sores
Difficulty Concentrating
Excess Weight or Difficulty Losing Weight
Food Cravings
Joint Pain
Muscle Aches
Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
Sinus Congestion
Postnasal Drip
Skin Rashes
Sleeping Problems

(Before we get any further, please be aware that you should not undertake a detox program if you have certain illnesses or serious medical problems. If you are unsure, you should consult your doctor prior to beginning the program.)

Three years ago, I bought a detox planning package at a bookstore and in true Michele style, I never used it. I want to revisit this plan today, as Prince Charming & I plan to partake in a detox very soon. The plan below, The Detox Box, can be purchased on and within various bookstores.

The Detox Box includes a workbook, two DVDs and very useful flashcards.

The Detox Box was produced and compiled by Dr. Mark Hyman.

There is loads of data in this box, too much to outline in any completeness here. Therefore, I'll try to create some bullet points that will elude to the general idea and comprehensiveness of The Detox Box:

  • People who follow a detox plan emerge from the experience feeling a renewed sense of vigor, vitality, energy and relief from many chronic minor health complaints
  • The Detox Box contains programs for 7-days, 14-days or 21-days; depending on the commitment you feel comfortable making to this adventure
  • Detoxing works three areas of your life: diet, exercise and mood
  • The Five Building Blocks of The Detox Box are: Get rid of toxins, Fix your gut, Get your fluids moving, Love your liver & sweat it out and Detox your mind, heart and spirit
  • The program includes many rigorous changes in your diet, and incorporates yoga for peace of mind
  • You will see many changes in your body, mind and spirit within one week of the program - ONE WEEK!
  • However, you may need to drink more water and try to get a bit more rest during the detoxing in order to overcome any side-effects of the program
  • It is important to have the support of your friends and family during this program. It is no easy task at first, but only lasts either 7, 14 or 21 days.... you can do it!
  • Repeat the program once a year or every couple of months..... consult with your doctor before deciding upon the frequency
I like the idea of a detox program because it is not pushy. No one is trying to sell you anything. No one is telling you anything is wrong with you or the way you look. The only thing happening here in this box, is advice on how to cleanse your system so you will feel better!

Good luck on your program, and to me too! I'll keep you posted as to how its going and how I feel the changes occurring.



Congo said...

Hi, like your article. How did you go with this detox? I just finished mine, I a similar approach with some modifications the results of which can be found at I managed to lose 6kgs in 10 days, some of which I am sure is water however, I feel great and focused even. Sure at the end of the day my mood is a little lacking but with some meditation and down time I managed to get through the challenge. Hope you had a succesfull Detox too.

The Foodie said...

Yeah, I've read the news about what scientists are saying about how Detox systems don't work. But for me, it's the new year and my husband and I are now on a 2 week detox with significantly modified diet and pills. I decided to keep track of it out my website and share recipes that actually taste good while you detox (not all of them were good but anyway). I'm sure the biggest effect of the detox is the modified diet more than the pills but by laying down some cash for the pills it makes us stick to the diet.

We are craving sweets & cheese like crazy but we are 25% of the way there. Read our journey each day over at


tif said...

been detoxing for the last 9 days with an odd, but mild intestinal bug! not what i had planned, because a girl like me can't afford to lose 6 pounds and be in the double-digits. just read about this on GOOP, gwynnie paltrow's blog, this morning--you should read it about detoxing (it's an alternative method):

Michele said...

Yes, I get the GOOP emails too. Her plan was interesting as well. I am not really 100% following The Detox Box, but rather using it as a basis and then looking to other sources, like GOOP, to find various recipes!

Michele said...

Just bought the bentonite clay as well; I'll let you know how it goes!