Winter Wonderland?

If you're like me, you tend to desire a spring break of sorts long before a spring break is intended. I started longing for a spring break about a month ago. Right after the first snow. It's not that I don't enjoy the snow, because I do! It's just that... I think I use the cold weather and the beautiful snow as an excuse to go to the beach!

Prince Charming & I typically take our spring break in the middle of March, right around the anniversary of when we met. (great coincidence, eh?) A few years ago, I introduced Prince Charming to the adventurous islands of Hawai'i. Last year we vacationed in St. Kitts, a tiny island in the West Indies; and it was so relaxing and wonderful.
St. Kitts' Atlantic Ocean view

This year, I have been researching like a crazy person and am getting dizzy from all of the options! I have been looking at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, the Mago Estate in St. Lucia, various locations in Mexico and everywhere in between.
Rockhouse Hotel & Mago Estate

I am a subscriber to Travel+Leisure magazine, and have been pouring over its pages looking at great finds for beach vacations....

...but I wonder, do you have any more suggestions?

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Michele said...

Meanwhile, Prince Charming has begun planning our first Ski Trip! If you have any suggestions on that front, please feel free to add that as well! Thanks!