Wicked decisions!

So I finally, finally, saw Wicked! I am astonished that it took Prince Charming & I this long to see Wicked, and I'm forever grateful that he got us tickets to sit is some of the best seats in the house! This musical is amazing. From the set design to the story line, from the vocal ability to the costume fufill-ity, I highly reccommend you see Wicked before it leaves Chicago for good! (Performance is final at the end of January!

Now, I need your help to choose a keepsake from this great show, which shirt is the better look for me? Vote please!


Talitha McKinney said...

I like the defy gravity tee!

Gracie said...

Didn't you LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!!! I just saw it last week in NYC - I actually got the POPULAR shirt! But my second choice would have been the I heart OZ shirt.

ruby said...

i like the defy gravity shirt!
and i really want to see the show....great book!