TheHotel - at the Mandalay Bay

I am a firm believer that everyone must see Vegas at some point in their life; or maybe several times a year! As you are probably already aware, Vegas truly is the Disney for adults. Something for everyone lurks around every corner; spas, shopping, relaxing, hiking and of course, gambling. Anywho, enough with the commercial...

Today I'd like to introduce you to a great hotel option in Vegas! TheHotel, a part of Mandalay Bay, is an amazing hotel! Sophisticated and stylish, TheHotel is everything I look for when booking a trip! I don't ask for much, I just want what I want!

I want to live-it-up when on vacation, in a gorgeous room situated in a hotel that offers a spa, a pool and yummy eats! TheHotel seems like a good fit for me... check it out!

The Rooms

The Spa

The Pool

The Restaurants

and obviously there is a great casino...

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Kate said...

I love The Hotel. This is actually where I was staying when I saw Justin Timberlake (he was on the floor above mine).