Some of my Favorite Things...

Lately I've been getting emails from readers like you, asking me 'what is your favorite ' this or that; or, 'have you tried' this, and 'what did you think of' this. You see, I tend to try as many options of something before settling on a particular product... for example, I think I tried 10 different eye creams before choosing the one I use today. That said, there are many items on this list that I've been using for longer than 10 years!

I'm going to try to think about my favorite things and show you what I think works well, if I forget to mention a particular item please call me out on it... send an email to or leave a comment on this post!

P.S. I obviously don't use all of these products on a daily basis.....

Face Wash

Face Cream - Deep Action Cream Cleanser

Moisturizing Mask

Resurgence Hydrating Gel Mask

Enzymatic Mask

Steep Clean

Anti-Aging Secret

Resurgence Age-Diffusing Serum

Daytime Face Lotion

Resurgence Sheer Lustre Day Lotion SPF 15

Eye Makeup Remover

Night Time Face Lotion

Resurgence Age-Balancing Night Cream

Eye Cream

All About Eyes™ Rich

Body Lotion

Bubble Bath
(All Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars found at:)

Candele De Viaggio Travel Candle Set

Hair Dryer

Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer


All Soft Shampoo


Extreme Conditioner

Straight Days Hair Lotion

Curly Days Hair Lotion

Luscious Curls Cream

Hair Spray

Sheer Hold Hairspray

Nail Polish
(brand, not necessarily color)

Face Makeup



Style Liner


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