Ode to Language

Oh Language, once my favorite store you were; now I find it difficult to order online when I want something now!

Language, once located on Milwaukee Avenue in Bucktown, is still a fabulous place to shop, don't get me wrong! In fact, there is a major sale going on! See some of my favorite picks below, and visit Language's website before all the good stuff is gone!

Nuj Novakhett Plaid button down shirt Thurley Lattice lace dress Smythe les Vestes Smythe les Vestes Birkin coat Fleur Wood Karen Walker Sweetheart dress Koyuki Houndstooth capelet Koyuki Puffer coat w/ Racoon trim Mackage Ingwa;melero Sofia corduroy coat Thurley Silver Lace Minni Dress Manoush Maille Boule Trench Manoush Militaire jacket Nuj Novakhett Corduroy dress Les Prairies de Paris' Ingwa;melero Heimstone Blouson Magnolia - black Heidi Merrick Abaete Malene Birger knit cardi/shawl

There are 1,000's of wonderful things not on sale too... these are just the favorites of the items on sale - unbelievable, huh? What are some of your favorite online shops?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Language? Or, have I mentioned that I would LOVE to be a buyer there? Ahhh... dreams.

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...love Maegan said...

o-m-g. so great. I LOVE ordering online. ..I would say 90% of what I buy is online ..these are fantastic.