Go Cubs Go!

Good luck tonight, Cubbies!


Sweva said...

A buddy of mine who grew up in Glenwood and went to HFHS is a big Sox fan...and HATES the Cubs...so I always give him a bad time for it. So when I was through Chicago 4 years ago I picked up a t-shirt at one of those stands outside Wrigley that said "SUX" on it, just to antagonize him.

Plus, Sweet Lou is at the helm, which makes me want to cheer for them that much more...go Cubbies! Gotta get those Dodgers out of the way first.

Is the Cubs "woo woo" guy still roaming around the bleacher seats? The Ernie Banks look-alike dressed in the home uni?

Thanks for stopping by The Left and following along...best of luck with the wedding preparations!

Viva la Sweva

Carly said...

sox fan here, sorry i'm from boston, i have no choice.

however, i am also a cubbies fan, my boyfriend is from chi-town and i'm also used to rooting for the underdog.

what part of chicago are you from? i have a feeling we'll be moving there in the next few years...