Four weeks from Today...

We will know who is our next President.  I received the following email from Barack Obama this morning:

Dear Michele,

I thought the differences between John McCain and me were pretty clear tonight. 

I will fight for the middle class every day, and -- once again -- Senator McCain didn't mention the middle class a single time during the debate. 

If you agree that we need to cut taxes for 95% of working families, reduce health care costs, and end the war in Iraq responsibly, then I need your help right now. 

And if you heard John McCain push more of the same discredited policies, including tax cuts for the wealthy and giant corporations, tax increases on health care, and continuing to spend $10 billion a month in Iraq, then now is the time to act. 

Four weeks from tonight, we'll know which of us will be the next president. 

Thank you,

We need to elect this man!


Dallas Shaw said...

agreed Maegan said...

For Sure! or fo sho! either works :)

squirrelmama said...

We've got to work hard to make sure he gets in and begins to restore order and sanity - and the economy.