Whoa... Where have YOU been!?!

Ha! Right...

I'm sorry friends, I've been in my own little world over the past few months! A lot has happened during that time and I'm proud to say I think I'm making a change in my life that will bring me the happiness that I thought was lost.

Have you ever been in a position where everything in your life is going fantastic, but those great things go unnoticed because there is one negative vibe coming from one aspect of day-to-day life? Where the negative overshadows the positive so much that you become cranky with EVERYTHING?

That was me.

Now I feel like a butterfly trying to break free from the cage of my cocoon and I just need time, a little more effort and fabulous guidance to get to my full butterfly state. Wish me luck, ladies and gents! I'll be sure to keep you posted on the new developments... as I become more sure of them!

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jail diet said...

always the daily delights suffer when there's one dark cloud that will not leave. taking risks often pay off!

glad to hear things are looking up for you because you so deserve it.

happy new year!!!!!