Guy Decoder

iVillage has outdone themselves, yet again! With the introduction of the iVillage Guy Decoder, ladies everywhere will be gettin' answers to all their confusion! The site separates all of our confusion into eight categories:
  1. Sex Sins
  2. Commitment
  3. Rude Behavior
  4. Other Women
  5. Cluelessness
  6. Laziness/Stubbornness
  7. Money Issues
  8. His Family & Friends
Although your relationship may or may not cause you to be intrigued by these topics... as we are aware, each relationship is different and experiences different ups-n-downs along the way... I think the site makes for an entertaining read. In some cases, the topics & answers may cause you to want to kiss your Prince Charming for NOT being like the dudes accused of wrongdoings within the Guy Decoder!

However.... one unnerving situation that may be found in relationships most often, and is a legitimate 'complaint' (if you must call it that), is the following:

Rude Behavior - He Flirts with Waitresses

Other topics you may be interested in include:
  • Commitment - He says he wants to be together forever, but not engaged.
  • Rude Behavior - He said he'd call, but he didn't!
  • Other Women - He holds onto cards & photos from his exes.
  • Laziness/Stubbornness - He can't admit when he's wrong!
  • Money Issues - He always treated me to dinner, but now he's stopped.
  • His Family & Friends - He gets me in trouble with his mother.

It is very important to note that the Guy Decoder may not always give you the answer you think it may. Relationships go both ways ladies, and sometimes the answer is more like a 'slap in the face - wake up to reality' than a boy-bashing extravaganza!

However, in the example above, I really like the part about 'coming-up with chocolate or other woman friendly bribes'...


Michele said...

Additionally, the 'Guy Decoder' may be a great source for guys to determine what we THINK they are doing when they are really doing something else. Come on guys - prove this decoder wrong! :)

mohairpink said...

Oh my goodness this is FUNNY. Who KNEW they stare at you blankly when you express yourself bec it's out of "utter fear?!"