Stage One COMPLETE, Stage Two Begins....

The hardest part of decorating is over. We spent an entire weekend painting and an entire weekend putting the West Elm furniture legs and handles on each piece... now, the fun begins! The intricate detailing of the room that turns it into a home! From potential posh hotel room, to deluxe haven! Feel free to offer your thoughts, here are some photos... as promised.

This view from standing in front of the bathroom door,
looking toward the hall and bedroom entryway.

The opposite view... looking into bathroom.

The sliding glass door, overlooking balcony...
I hope to install a chic bird feeder out there soon!

Colour details; the medium color is the ceiling.

...and other details I love...

...and last but not least, the toilette.


tiffany said...

wow! you're so lucky you can paint.

love the choices. very chic and designer-y and not fad or cliche at all (what else would i expect from you!).

and love the foot on the bed. (ahaha) where'd you get that foot?

Prince Charming said...

tres chic!!! I love the new bedroom! And I can't wait to have my best friend move in.

** Terramia ** said...

I adore the shade of blue in the loo... that rhymes in a most impertinently bold way!
Your lovely abode is coming along nicely!
Have you figured out your light fixture/chandelier choice yet for above your bed? Your Tord Boontje choice is super duper sublime!
How about capiz? (OLY Studio has a nice Serena that I have been eyeing)
I will keep my eyes peeled for something with that perfect blend of chic meets funky meets moody enchantment... (with prince charming approval) (:
Congrats on a home sweet home!