Some boys are just so dumb

God... Boys are so dumb. Interesting that all of these photos DO NOT even properly show the item they are blogging about... basically they are four photos of girls boobs! Geez! Morons!

From the popular technology blog, Gizmodo:

Hands On: Skins Keep That Phone Dry in the Hot Tub, No Matter What


Sure, we've seen plenty of skins that make your cellphone or iPod waterproof. But never have we had one demonstrated to us in such dramatic fashion. Here the lovely spokesmodel for Skins kindly waterproofs our Motorola Q. Hmm. There's something strangely familiar about this waterproofing process.

Jump for a hot-tub frolicking video and more-detailed pics of the entire process, as well as underwater proof that the Skins actually work.


Skins can also keep that small electronic device protected from sand, dirt, grime, and any other liquids, too.

One word: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The following segment of this post was added at a later date........................

Here is how a women's tech blog, PopGadget: Personal Tech for Women described/photographed another waterproofing device:

CES: Atlantic waterproof iPod case


I hate baths. You're either a bath or a shower person, I reckon. It's a secret rivalry. Lying in your own filth while waiting for a potential spider appearance isn't my idea of fun. CES exhibitors, Atlantic, are bath people. They've created a great waterproof iPod case and speaker system named EGO. Atlantic showed me the case floating around a small pool of water, blaring out tunes with a very slight aqua theme, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, a couple of Beach Boys songs; I'm sure they could have thought of better. They still sounded good though, and I suppose if I were forced to have a bath, I would like one of these cases with me. Not to put my iPod in, I have to add, just to catch any spiders that decide to scare the life out of me.

The Atlantic site doesn't currently stock the case, but should do very soon.

See the difference? Gosh!

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I guess my point is: if your job is to blog about techie stuff, then blog about techie stuff. If you job is to make disgusting porn videos (eww), then do what you've done here. Gosh, I'm such a prude!