Go Smile

Last week, I began a simple step to whitening my teeth! You have to try this incredible product, GoSMILE! In the past, I have had trays made to fit the shape of my mouth and teeth, used the whitening paste prescribed by my dentist, and have been very disappointed. I always incurred much pain during this process and my teeth were very sensitive to the chemicals in the prescribed whitening paste.

Alas, I've found a new solution:

GoSMILE is fantastic! So simple to use and no pain! After just using this product twice a day for a week and I can already see a difference. And... once the pack is gone, you don't need to continue using it... just use the mouthwash developed by this fantastic team, to keep-up with the whiteness! There are also specially formatted organic toothpastes to use, but they are not required to maintain your beautiful smile!

I bought my pack at Sephora.com, but you can also purchase various products on the goSMILE website.


pinkmohair said...

Smile Michele, I just tagged you at Pink Mohair!

Anna said...

Damn you Pink. I just tagged her too. Now I have to find someone else to tag!!