Holiday Shopping Guide for Guys

Gentlemen, start your engines! It's time for probably the most stressful part of your year (her birthday is in second place)... Holiday Shopping Time! I know what you're thinking right now. Thank GOD for Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love and this stupendous guide! Below you will find a list of sure-fire ways to win her gratitude this holiday season... we'll be adding new items
weekly, so keep checking back! Lady readers out there, be sure to add your two-cents in the comments section as well!

    • Scent-terrific Perfume
    • Cute French Coach Wallet (in Caramel or Striped!)
    • Home Cooked Meal prepared by YOU!
    • Spa Day
    • Nike 'Sprint Sister 2', or other awesome urban sneakers
    • Anything sparkly... like diamonds!
    • Pretty little under things
    • Digital Camera
    • Cashmere Sweater
    • Nordstrom Gift Certificate
    • Romantic Cooking Classes for the two of you
    • A Weekend Getaway (NYC, San Fran, anywhere!)
    • Chocolate Truffles!
    • Oversized Handbag (in Chocolate Brown, perhaps?)
    • Tickets to the Opera
    • Tickets to an Indie Film
    • Carriage Ride through Chicago
    • Patent Leather anything!
    • DVDs - Her favorite chick flicks...
    • Nintendo DS Lite, with sparkles!
    • Video iPodFlowers of the Month
      (every month she will receive a bouquet from you!)
    • Dinner at Charlie Trotter's
    • TMobile Sidekick
    • HomeDock Pro, iPod docking solution
    • Anything Gucci - that stuff lasts forever!
    • Ice Cream Maker (you both win with this one!)
    • Creative iPod Covers
    • Weekend Hotel Stay in your town!
    • Subscriptions to her favorite magazines
    • Language Lessons (French, Spanish, Italian...)
    • A 'coupon' for a picnic in the park (once spring arrives)
    • A little friend - a beautiful fish in a fun tank
    • Espresso Machine
Realistically, you know your lady better than I do... go with your instinct. You know you have a good idea lurking in your skull. Grab onto that idea and GO WITH IT! She's sure to be pleased when the gift is truly thought-up by you.

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