NYC Here We Come!

This week I received an invitation I just could not refuse! Prince Charming sent me a little note, asking if I would be interested in going-away for a weekend in New York City! How could I refuse? An adventure in an exciting city, with my favorite person!?! I am so there!

Being the A-type personality, complete with extremely great organizational skills, that I am... I immediately began to plan the trip. At lunch that day, I went to Border's and bought a city map and a book full of suggestions, which will make a great plane ride read. Then it dawned on me "wouldn't I just rather haphazardly explore this new territory?" Although type-A through and through, my personality is also learning to adapt to the 'no-plan, see where the day takes you' take on life. Thanks, PC. Regardless of the action I take, I know there is no way I will be able to see everything I desire to see in a long weekend. Which is the best way to conquer this adventure?

Bubble Lounge

I have decided to ask for advice from a few trusted, and regular, New York City travelers. Here within you will find their accounts of good times and suggestions for me to create my own good times. Additionally, I have discovered many spots yet to be discovered by these trusted advisors; and I have included them here.

Suggestions for a Wonderful Time in New York City
(In no particular order...)
    1. Figure Skate in Rockefeller Center
    2. Visit Ground Zero for a moment of silence
    3. Dine or have cocktails at 5Ninth, which is also open for lunch.
    4. Shop at Min-K
    5. Enjoy Italian at Nero, also GREAT DECOR! Angelo's was also suggested.
    6. Indulge in the bubbly stuff (my drink of choice) within the Bubble Lounge
    7. For a 'Little bit of France in New York' I hope to try AOC

      AOC on Bleecker Street

    8. One good friend had this to say about the West Village "West Village has a perfect mix of designer meets abstract. Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley have beautiful boutiques there. Plus, there are tons of book stores, antique stores that I can't think of the names for them, but you'll see them as you stroll around. Your best bet is to give the West Village a whole day. The famous Magnolia Bakery (cup cakes) is in this area... the line wraps around the block, so things can't be that bad!"
    9. Stop in at the Stage Door Deli to have a scrumptious Pastrami sandwich.
    10. For Sushi, which we all now know I LOVE, visit Yama or Japonica
    11. Go to 6th Ave & Bleecker and explore all over East, West, North & South.
    12. SOHO & Tribeca: When you are finished in the Village, walk the streets south of Houston and see the shops/boutiques.
    13. Little Italy: When you are finished in SOHO, walk East to Little Italy for more great exploring similar to the village with tons of little Italian restaurants.
    14. In the morning hours, treat yourself to Norma's within Le Parker Meridian.


    15. A NY & Chicago staple, a must-visit is Blue Water Grill
    16. Maison is another hot breakfast spot
    17. St. Patrick's Cathedral
    18. Popover Cafe, Need I say more?
    19. The Chickalicious dessert bar looks wonderful!
    20. Mmmm.. but so does Room 4 Dessert!
    21. Katz's Deli is probably the best Jewish Deli around...
    22. Another hot spot for dinner is Employee's Only, which actually started as an industry-only restaurant!

      Employee's Only

    23. DragonFly looks to be great for when feeling the need for asian cuisine
    24. We will HAVE to make a stop at Doma for delicious coffee and treats!
    25. A very chic friend notes "Le Singe Vert at 160 7th Avenue is so romantic, you'll really think you're in France. Still bistro, but very upscale, but not ripoff weird tar tar of pig liver duck spread. If I don't go here immediately off the plane, I would cry. Everyone's French who works here."
    26. For fantastic Vintage finds, we will venture to Cheap Jack's and Late Bloomers
    27. Cafe Colonial has been recommended for lunch
    28. And... to finish things off (or start things off, however you look at it), we must visit the following while traipsing thru Central Park:
      • Literary Mall
      • Angel Fountain
      • Lake
      • Castle
      • North side of the Great Lawn to see the city over the trees
      • Pond Ice Rink
      • Sailboat pond on the south east side of the park where you can talk to the guys with the telescope and see the hawk
There are so many more pieces to this adventure that I am discovering with every waking moment; so many more friends that are wanting to suggest things to do. Due to this fact, it has become apparent to me that this New York City rendezvous is going to have to become a regular event. However, still feel free to add to this forever-growing list!

*For the sake of my friends and family, advisors to the author have not been revealed. They may reveal themselves within the comment section, if they so wish.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time, you have to go to MOMA, musuem of modern art. It is so amazing there.

Prince Charming said...

I am SOOO looking forward to this weekend away! There will be no better way to enjoy NYC than with my lady and no plan...but a lot of great ideas! ;)

Connie said...

ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Job, Prince Charming. I taught you well.

Michele said...

A friend has suggested Rao's for dinner!

dB. said...

I second five ninth for brunch or dinner. It's a very unusual recommendation even for New Yorkers, but it is hands down the best restaurant in the city.

-dB. @