Coast to Find Sushi

Ok, ok, ok... its about time I come clean. Although I am not a seasoned sushi consumer, I do love my sushi; and, having eaten at so many various locales, I have begun to be discriminatory regarding freshness, design, and taste of the sushi, sashimi, and rolls that I eat.

It all began with a little tryst to Mirai on Damen over a year and a half ago. I remember it well... Blu-da-doo, Blu-da-doo, Blu-da-doo. (That's my back-in-time music.) I had just begun dating this wonderful guy, now named Prince Charming, when his birthday magically appeared. I wanted to do something special for him, yet I knew he wanted Sushi. Since I had never had the pleasure of trying this mysterious meal, I was nervous. You could call me Nervous Nelly. I distinctly remember telling him "I'm sorry if I throw up," but that's a whole 'nuther' story. Back to reality, my first sushi experience was lovely and I enjoyed 99% of every bit I put into my mouth. Since that day, I crave (literally crave) sushi at least twice a month.

Really, I could move to Japan to eat sushi everyday and I would be happy.

For some twisted reason, I believe my absolute love for this food type automatically makes me some kind of expert. Well, take it as you will, but please enjoy the read....

My purpose today is to describe to you the essence of dining at Coast, a neighborhood spot where you may dine on possibly the best sushi you have ever enjoyed. Coast is also my new favorite sushi spot! Located in Bucktown, this restaurant is truly a diamond in the rough. The decor is warm, inviting, yet fantastically modern while the food... well, the food is just amazing! Wonderful sushi and sashimi, fabulous, tasty rolls! Next time you are in the mood for sushi, you must stop by this locale! Ps. If you know me personally, I better be invited!

It is also important to note that Coast is a BYOB locale.
Guys, I know you love that news!


Michele said...

Mmm.. ate at Coast again last night. Their 'White Dragon Roll' is just amazing!

Michele said...

Other favorites include Sushi X, Rise, Sai Cafe... to name a few.