Oscar, My Love

Oscar, how you create these works of art that I long to wear. The timeless frocks, which are mysteriously also the pieces of the century. A dream for any fashionable lady... to own and embrace the beauty of Oscar de la Renta.

The photos herein enclosed are courtesy of Fashiontribes and were taken during NYC Fashion Week, showcasing the Spring 2007 lines of our favorite designers. (More to come on the week's events later.)

Oscar takes the stage with confidence and a classic ambiance. No one 'does' fashion better.

It is safe to say Oscar de la Renta is a legend, a designer many 'beginners' in the industry strive to emanate. Born in the 1930's, he has witnessed the progress of fashion; and in many ways, influenced a culture.

He is one of a few designers that does not attempt to fall-in-line with trends, but maintains his stability of greatness and makes the trend. Although, since the trend he produces is considered classic... I'm not sure I can correctly use the word 'trend'.

Let's call it STYLE.

His style is the epitome of New York Chic. His feminine approach, paired with soft, but structured, fabric draws the lady in... forcing her to beg to wear the beautiful pieces. She who wears Oscar, is desirable... every other lady envies her style, while every man appreciates her look.

Really, that is the notion of every lady living in the urban jungle. However, worn in Europe, a lady is equally chic. Oscar's designs can ebb and flow with the styles of both American & European culture.

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Michele said...

I neglected to mention that Oscar de la Renta seems to embrace ANY and ALL body types... go ahead ladies, get out there and buy one of these beautiful pieces!