Dream to Be

My favorite holiday: a day/night when you can live in a dream world, dressing in costume of a person you then emulate. Ladies and gentlemen, halloween is now less than two months away!

If you know me, I anticipate that you suspect I have already begun to contemplate what I will BE for my favorite holiday. And, well, you're right! My wonderful USPS delivery lady placed a fun-filled halloween catalog in the little metal box with my apartment number on it... and I have already narrowed my ideas down to five choices!

You have to realize, there may be a mix-up with a costume order and if the delivery is delayed or the costume-of-choice is backordered, then what will you do!?! Instead of having to deal with all of that... think fast, pick out your costume now... and rest easy.

Perhaps you would assist me in choosing the coveted costume? I must inform you, however, last year I won fifth place in a contest with over 100 participants! Therefore, the pressure is on to choose a wonderful piece. In my opinion, the art of choosing a costume is enhanced by three important factors:
    1. Costume must be cute and in no way street-walker-esque. We're not talking poofy prom queen, but chic. A lady wants to look good, but not attract the wrong kind of friends.

    2. Affordability is key. No, I am NOT going to wear a costume twice; and I know this! Therefore, pricing must be proper... I do not agree with spending over $100 on a frock that will be stashed in the back corner of my closet for the rest of its life. Anyway, that $100 could be better spent on one sixth of those Christian Louboutin shoes I have been drooling over.

    3. I must be able to wear the costume. I do not want annoying straps falling off of my shoulders, or having to watch if I may bend over to far, etc. I understand that the costume of my choice may not fit as well as my new Anna Sui plum dress, but we should be realistic: ladies, we do not want to be uncomfortable all night!
That said, now we can get down to business. The list I am about to propose is in no way shape or form PERMANENT, this list may be altered at any time. Please use the comment feature to place your vote or offer up new suggestions. And, if you & I are to arrive at the same party, I do not plan to see you wearing the same costume as me... or my runner-up choice. We should be realistic. We all know that act would be in truly poor form. Ladies, the art is completed with notification; inform each other of your costume choices, so there is no room for copy-cats or twins! The following are my current Halloween Costume 2006 choices:

Olive Oyl (Popeye's GF)
Airplane Pilot

Place your votes now!


SF said...

Airplane pilot? Why not stewardess....sorry, Flight Attendent? ;)

Michele said...

In true Michele form, I have changed my mind completely! I will be arriving at the Halloween Party as... (drum roll please)... Snow White! (Co-starring Prince Charming as Dopey!)