The Beginning...

Good afternoon all!

I figured it was about time for me to share some of the things I find throughout the days... I'm lucky enough to be very inquisitive by nature, with a grand imagination... and with these two attributes, along with a multitude of others, I plan to assist each lady who happens to stumble across these pages with finding things they love. Much like many of us I love Chocolate, Pizza, Stilettos, and Love itself! (And, along the way, I hope to help her discover her own unique style!)

Additionally, it is natural that I will uncover some great finds that may not only be fashion discussion worthy (although I'm going to place bets on the majority of this content being fashion oriented)... but great for life. Just life. Just what we need to be happy. This is where you gentlemen readers come into play... reading these pages may open your eyes to what us ladies are really interested in bringing into our lives.

Or, they may not. These pages may be complete bullocks... only time will tell. Let's get started, and test my abilities!

And PLEASE visit the links I have listed on the right hand side of this page... I did not go through the effort for the hell of it... there is really good stuff on those sites!!!

Have a great day!

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